Virtual Orator - Pico Version

Virtual Orator is more accessible than ever

Since day one, Virtual Orator has constantly been updating and improving to provide you with the best possible experience and ease your road to excellent public speaking. Every feature is thought and designed to make your practice more and more effective.

Now, we are taking one more step towards making your practice even more easy and comfortable. How? Through our new version for Pico hardware!

Why did we choose Pico?

If you follow our socials (if not, go to the bottom of the article and start now), you surely heard about our newest partnership – Pico Interactive.

Pico produces a standalone, 6DOF, portable device with undoubted benefits for training and simulation software such as Virtual Orator. It is comfortable, with high performance, and it even has some streaming options if you’re feeling brave.

So, what are your benefits?

No more annoying cables

Is there a more annoying feeling than having cables everywhere and tripping on them all the time? How about those complicated cable connections that you never know how to store when you’re not using the device? That’s over. With Pico, there are no cables; it is all wireless.


It is complicated to take your training where you want (or need) with so many things to carry, right? This is one of the main reasons we think that Pico’s version will be revolutionary for you. Forget the computer and the heavy, complicated setup. With Pico, you just need a small, stand-alone device. You can take it anywhere you want.

No PC requirements, no wires, no heavy devices. You don’t need to be stuck in the office anymore, with that uncomfortable feeling that someone can get in at any time. You can’t relax or focus that way. That’s over now. You can be free! Take your training anywhere you want.

Low Investment

For a price comparable to a PC VR headset you can purchase the Pico Neo series. This makes VR more approachable when high-end PCs are not available in house. Talk to us about alternative methods to get your hardware like managed leasing.

No Facebook or Steam account is required

You don’t need a Facebook or Steam account to log in and start your training. It is absolutely safe and easily allows you to share your device with employees and students. No external logins at all.

No more excuses

Portability has always got in the way of training. It can be uncomfortable to train in an office full of people or in a conference room with limited time to prepare everything.

This new freedom gives you the possibility to take the device home, or send it home with your employees, according to the company’s needs. You’ll never need to face a meeting or talk unprepared again. It’s so much easier!

Absolute freedom is easy now

In a world where there is such a need to work from home, a portable device gives you extra freedom and numerous possibilities to work with. In addition, your employees, students, or friends can now benefit from a simple device with all the freedom you can think of.

Practice any time, anywhere you want, and of course, as many times as you need to give a killer presentation!

Cátia is a psychologist who is passionate about helping children develop and train social skills.


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