Need a method to test someone’s public speaking skills?
Hiring someone who needs to speak in public?
Testing baseline aptitude for public speaking?


Two sessions of the same venue are shown. The audience differs allowing test-retest setups, where each experience is unique, yet similar in nature.

The audience is controlled, so you get consistent testing of skills. Each experience will be unique, but similar in nature. Retesting is possible, as the audience will be unique but with consistent behaviors. When testing multiple people, each will have a comparable experience.

Reactive Audiences*. Test how people deal when the audience ask questions or make comments. They can even be set up to heckle the speaker.  *only available in the multi-user editions on PC

Test in difficult situations. Situation that are normally difficult to recreate are available in Virtual Orator. Audiences can be large, or sometimes worse small in a big venue. Select audiences that are unhappy, uninterested, distracting or even rude.

Performance Stats for better testing are available in Virtual Orator. Get stats to objectively evaluate performances. For instance with eye contact patterns and slide timings.

Be Sure of Public Speaking Abilities