Public Speaking in Education

Public speaking skills should be part of every education, but most leave the educational system without having gained even the basics. The social fears that causes adults to avoid public speaking is many time stronger in students. This crippling fear causes students resist efforts to integrate speaking to their peers as part of the curriculum.  Educators have a hard time creating an environment that permits students to develop this critical skill.

Virtual Orator® provides a way for educators and students like to gain real presenting experience with reduced fears. The virtual audience is not their direct peer group, meaning the reprisals they fear so much are no longer factors. The fears become the same fears we all must face. Armed with experience presenting to virtual crowds, students can gather the skills and courage to confidently present to their peers.

Educational discounts

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We believe public speaking is vitally important for students. For students looking to develop an advantage by developing public speaking skills, we provide a 15% discount.

Educational institutions who want to provide their students with an advantage can help by using Virtual Orator to create the right conditions for students to gain these skills.  To help facilitate that, we provide a 15% discount to qualified educational institutions.


Government and private educational institutions qualify for the educational discount on the Enterprise Edition. Students of those institutions qualify for the educational discount on the Personal Edition. We require verification of educational status to receive the discount.


Students of qualified educational institutions can gain approval by providing:

  • an official email address issued by an educational institution, or
  • official documentation from the educational institution, such as:
    • copy of student ID
    • report card or transcript for the most recent academic term
    • an official letter from the registrar
    • copy of a student schedule including student name, the school name, and the current academic term


Institutions can gain approval by providing:

  • an email address issued by the institution
  • a copy of faculty id
  • confirmation on school letterhead naming the school and the individual completing the verification


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