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For Trainers of public speaking

As a trainer you face a big challenge, improving your clients public speaking. You present information: strategies, methods, knowledge, tips, tricks. Getting that information internalized in the client is the real challenge. The problem is that internalization requires training, i.e. targeted practice in a realistic setting.

The constraints of traditional training make this hard to accomplish. In the best case you get a couple of days, usually a couple of hours, with a group of people. You do you best to get them training what you teach. They might even present maybe a couple of times during a workshop. We all know that isn’t enough.


Virtual Orator® enables your clients to get repeated, safe, targeted practice when they need it. Virtual audiences have no social side-effects, yet produce similar stress responses making it effective training. This allows you to remove one of the biggest roadblocks in many workshops, the presence of colleagues and the accompanying social stressors.

Using Virtual Orator as a tool in your training toolbox has some great advantages for you and your clients. As a trainer, you are uniquely qualified to get the most out of Virtual Orator for your clients. It was designed with you in mind, and we work with trainers like you to continue improving it. You also gain some new market opportunities.


The biggest advantage of Virtual Orator for you as a trainer is control. You control the situation that you are putting your client into. No social dynamics from colleagues. No surprises. Just what you need for your client’s optimal learning experience.

You can optimize for their learning. Craft the situation to the skill on which they are working. Specify audiences to elicit just the right amount of fear, so those with anxieties can progress. Have clients work on eye contact while using a slide presentation and get quantitative performance feedback. Have them field hard questions from the audience or deal with a sudden projector outage. Control audience reactions when clients practice using large gestures or voice inflection to get back audience attention.

You can put your clients into realistic situations you never could before. Friendly audience not composed of colleagues. Large audiences. Unfriendly audiences. Distracting situations.


Workshops seems to be the basis for most public speaking training. However, wouldn’t a form of continued training be best for both the client and you?

Virtual Orator provides you with new potentials for creating a continuing training relationship with your clients. The time in the workshop you use for transmitting information and establishing the needs of your clients. You can keep working with clients with Virtual Orator remotely to help them achieve their goals.

Craft scenarios for your clients using Virtual Orator. Clients load the scenario configuration you send to them. They experience speaking to the situation and audience you specify. They can record the session – webcam, virtual environment or both – and send it back along with the with performance report.

There is a caveat to this though, related to some of the more advanced features, particularly real-time control of things like audience reactions. While our AI will always do it’s job, getting audience reactions right for learn effect often requires human understanding.

If the client has the Personal Edition, only the AI controlled features are currently available, limiting your control of the session. If you are working with a company that has the Enterprise Edition, you can instruct someone on how to use the Trainer’s Interface to get the desired learn effect.