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Virtual Orator

Prepare and Hone

Preparation is a hallmark of a practice speaker. Preparation is more than just being an expert at the subject. It is more than creating slides. Great speakers prepare to speak. They practice and hone their speeches. Practice in front of the mirror or in your head doesn’t match the real situation. With Virtual Orator® you can prepare for your speech in the real situation, in front of an audience.
Practice and Hone

Classroom setup for a slide presentation, seen from the back of the room. The projection is showing an image of someone using an HMD in Virtual Orator taken from the recording mechanism. The audience is mostly attentive, but we see a few at the back using their mobile telephones.

Do a full dry run of your presentation, without annoying your family and friends.

Test the length of your speech.

Practice your slide presentation. Practice the timings.

Record your session.

Prepare to speak

Prepare in a venue that is similar to where you will give your presentation. Select from a number of environments. Speakers often talk about ‘owning the room,’ which is feeling comfortable with the space. This will make you more at ease when you speak.

Prepare with an audience who behaves like your audience will. Or, pick an audience that is worse than you expect. That way you are prepared for the worst and your experience will be easier than the practice.

Prepare with a similar situation. Is it going to be noisy from outside, e.g. open windows? Does the venue have loud ventilation? Be prepared to handle all situations that may arise by practicing in distracting situations.

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