The French language version of the loading screen of Virtual Orator is seen. The text reads "Inviter des participants"

Virtual Orator Learns Languages

Giving a speech in a language other than English? Virtual Orator has supported that out of the box from the start. Now we have released the first translations of the interface into French and German. This makes Virtual Orator even more comfortable and easier to use for our international customers, for whom English is not their main language.

TheInterface of Virtual Orator is shown localized into the French language.

We have worked hard to make Virtual Orator work for practicing speeches in any language since the start. The venues should look familiar, at least in most western cultures. You can bring your slides and make your notes in your language. The analysis works no matter the language you are speaking. Trainers and Enterprise users can add audience speech recorded in any language and the lip-sync will work.

Virtual Orator provides a lot of flexibility in the scenarios you can create. Public speaking is challenging enough, struggling with an interface that isn’t in your language shouldn’t be added to that stress. You can now set up the session you need for your training in a language you know, at least if you are French, German or English speaking. Set the characterization of the audience with a better understanding of what the configuration does, configure the setup, and understand the feedback better, just some of the benefits. The manuals are also in French, and the German manuals are to follow.

Founder/CEO at Virtual Orator

Dr. Blom is a long time researcher in the VR field. He is the founder of Virtual Human Technologies, which applies VR and avatar technologies to human problems and helping better understand people. Virtual Orator exists largely because Dr. Blom wishes he had had such a tool instead of the ‘trail by fire’ he went through learning to speak in public.


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