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Public Speaking: The Skill Your Students Need to Succeed in the Future

Speaking in public is an important skill and, yet, a hard one to master. It needs training and effort, but most of us are too scared to take the necessary steps to improve. Virtual Orator was born from the need to have access to actual practice in public speaking.

75% of the general population reports anxiety before a speech, but only 8% takes steps to change. Unfortunately, these numbers don’t seem likely to be improving in the near future. A study showed that 74% of Generation Z are assumed to fear public speaking.

Hate comes from Fear

Public Speaking will be part of your students’ professional life, and most of them hate it. In truth, it is not a matter of hate but something more profound: fear. Your students are terrified by having to present. Can you be your best self when you’re panicking?

They focus on details such as the slides’ layout, believing it can make a presentation more beautiful or interesting. Yet, these things are not enough, and they will not “save” them in the real world. Instead, they must train their communication and presentation skills in all its components.

Around 80% of people who register for a public speaking course admit avoiding to give a speech or presentation. So there is a huge chance that most of your students fall into this category. Yet, most well-payed jobs involve some public speaking, and if they can’t do it… the world will be hard on them.

Employable and professional success

The employment rate of prior students is an important selling point for any educational institution. Teaching your students how to speak in public properly can be of great help to improve your institution’s placement and professional success rates.

Up to 10% of those who report Public Speaking Anxiety declare that it interferes with daily activities at work or in education. In addition, studies about the topic determined that fearing public speaking will, on average, cut the person’s income by 10% and reduces promotions to manager positions by 15%.

A study found that 45% of those asked rejected a promotion or did not apply for a job due to their fear of public speaking. You don’t want your students to be part of this statistic.

Your school can take the first step to provide your students with a better way to develop their learning process and, like almost every learning process in life, the sooner, the better!

Overcoming the Fear of Public Speaking: Empowering Your Students

The best schools always have a factor that makes them stand out. Nowadays, providing proper public speaking training can be the thing that will make your school stand out. If public speaking is so essential for your students’ future, why don’t schools emphasize its training?

Having all your students take a public speaking course would be too costly and impractical, but providing resources like Virtual Orator is highly cost-effective and practical. You are giving them the right tools to write their own success story.

Most people claim to feel a great sense of relief once their performance is over. While expected, this is not enough. We need that future generations feel more than relief. We want them to be proud of their work and confident that they gave their better, and the best way of improving is… by doing it.

For most people, the improvement of skills like public speaking, it will not happen passively during their education path’s sparse opportunities. The only way to overcome the problem is to train, rehearse and… face an audience. So, why not take the first steps with an audience that can raise your anxiety levels, as well as a real audience but… will never judge you?

Your school, your university, you… can make a difference.

Communication changes lives

The importance of good communication skills seems evident to most of us, yet the fear often seems greater than the will to improve.

Good public speaking improves career opportunities and helps develop relationships with different people in your personal life. Generation Z is accused of being terrible communicators, but they are more informed than ever about the importance of such skills.

Schools can make a difference in this area. You can help their students build strong skills in communication and public speaking.

Take the first step in aiding your students and contact us for a trial of the full version of Virtual Orator. Enjoy a discount for educational institutions. Students get a discount also.

Cátia is a psychologist who is passionate about helping children develop and train social skills.


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