Virtual Orator has been helping people achieve their public speaking training goals since its first public release in 2015. At release, it provided realistic public speaking experiences for people train. It has grown into a professional product that continues to improve, providing a greater variety of public speaking situations and tools. We are now releasing version 1.0, a milestone for us and a celebration of the product we have created.

Our release today is about completing objectives we set 10 years ago, when Virtual Orator was first conceptualized . The product finally has all the features defined back then, though it also has many more than originally planned for 1.0.

One of the main reasons for 1.0 releasing now is the technology has finally reached a state that allows us to achieve what we set out to do. We now support PC and standalone devices, allowing flexibility and portable use of Virtual Orator in diverse organizations and homes.

During those years, we have listened to feedback of our clients, prioritizing features into pre-1.0 releases and adding new features. This has created a 1.0 release well beyond what we set out to create. The current release does not mark the end of our effort on the 1.X development line; it is the achievement of the minimum for 1.0. We still have features planned for 1.X, and yet others planned for the next major in the future, 2.0.

Virtual Orator is the largely the product of feedback from our clients. Your insights help us understand how to make a better tool to help with your needs and prioritize our development efforts.

We want to thank all our current clients for all their feedback and ideas and look forward to expanding the tools available to help you and your employees/students in all challenges to come

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Founder/CEO at Virtual Orator

Dr. Blom is a long time researcher in the VR field. He is the founder of Virtual Human Technologies, which applies VR and avatar technologies to human problems and helping better understand people. Virtual Orator exists largely because Dr. Blom wishes he had had such a tool instead of the ‘trail by fire’ he went through learning to speak in public.


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