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Creating routines: give yourself momentum before presentations

Many people have rituals – or routines – before doing something important in their lives. They often think about it as something to give them luck, but in fact, those rituals provide them with momentum.

If you have an important presentation, you must create this momentum to be at the top of your game when the time comes. You don’t need some mystical or complicated ritual. Only develop routines that will put you in the mood for the task.

At the start of your day

Your routine starts at home and should start the day before with a good night of sleep. Avoid the temptation to be up later, rereading your presentation. A rested mind is all you need at this point.

In the morning, eat a good breakfast with proteins, nuts, and fresh fruit. This way, you’ll have energy and feel good. Then, take a walk, perhaps listening to your favorite music, ideally early in the morning, before the traffic and the noise.

You need to set a time for each task. There is no need to be too rigid, but it is important not to lose track of time. Being late is the worst thing possible to break momentum. Get up in time so that you can take your routine smoothly.

Being in the right mood can be the difference between a fantastic presentation and one that is not remarkable. Check out our article about the topic to know more.

Getting into the venue

There is an infinity of different venues, with different features, and it’s not easy to set up a routine for each one of them. So, you need something you can apply to most of them. I would separate this into two options, depending on where you will be before the presentation itself.

Off-Stage Waiting Room

Having an off-stage waiting room where you can spend time alone and breathe is the dream, right? So set up a routine to take full advantage of this.

Drink some water, stretch, and don’t forget to use the restroom. It may sound silly, but you definitely don’t want to enter the stage with a full bladder.

Then turn off your phone, and it’s time to warm up your voice. Make it clear to shine! You can also practice tongue twisters, key phrases, and even your 60 seconds opening. This will help you to feel more confident.

If you have some time, you can also meditate to help calm the nerves.

With the Crowd

You often don’t have the luxury of a waiting room, so you’re in the crowd. While this is probably not what you wanted, you can use it in your favor.

First, I would advise you to get there early, before everyone else if possible. Inspect the room – in fact, you should always do this to ensure that whatever you planned will work there.

Greet people as they arrive. Say hello, smile, and look approachable. You can win the crowd even before you take the stage.

Turn off your phone. You don’t want those annoying beeps or vibrations to interrupt you while chatting with an audience member.

Excuse yourself about 10 minutes before it starts, and use the restroom. Then, take a last look in the mirror to make sure everything is all right.

Take deep and slow breaths while walking to the stage.

Creating routines

A presentation is an important moment in your career but also quite daunting. Setting up the right routines before speaking can help create more confidence and control over nerves.

If you manage to be in the right mindset with some confidence, your communication will be more effective, and your message will be more impactful. These ideas are a guideline to help you create your own routines and find momentum.

Cátia is a psychologist who is passionate about helping children develop and train social skills.


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