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Bingo Game: Speaking in a meeting

Bingo Night used to be quite popular among our elderly, but you can make this game not only fun again but also helpful for your speaking challenges.

We had previously shared with you a couple of bingo cards to help you overcome your fear of public speaking or make networking tasks more fun. Now, it is time to give that extra motivation to intervene in your work meetings and shine!

Why ‘Speaking in a Meeting’ Bingo?

You may not feel the pressure if you have an excellent working team with supportive colleagues and superiors, but this is rare.

A work meeting is an opportunity to show the team your value and knowledge. However, many of us struggle to intervene and expose ourselves in front of those people we’ll need to face every day after that meeting…

Speaking up is vital and a huge factor in promotion and benefits at work, as well as a good first step to begin to develop your public speaking abilities. It is time to help yourself.

Meetings build careers

Team meetings are where you show your creativity, your skills, your knowledge, and your leadership abilities.

A trained eye can say a lot about a person by observing their behavior in a team meeting. It affects your credibility and gives good clues to your boss if you are promotion material or not.

So, are you seeing why you need to find motivation to speak up in a meeting now?

Bingo Card

We present you with a possible card for a ‘Speaking in a Meeting’ Bingo game. Below the card, you can download the empty PDF version to build your own.

Don’t forget to insert some negative happenings and funny situations to make the game more exciting and diverse.

A bingo card for playing in a meeting with speaking related squares.

Here, you can find the blank card in PDF format to fill as you prefer.

Speak up!

Work meetings with clients or teammates are a huge part of your work, and there is no way to avoid them. Speaking up in one of them can be terrifying since you feel exposed and judged.

As with any other difficult task, making it a game can be what you need to feel more motivated and brave. Try to play Speaking in a Meeting Bingo and share your cards and experiences with us through our social media.

Cátia is a psychologist who is passionate about helping children develop and train social skills.


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