6 Ways to Ace Your Presentations in the Age of Infographics

Bygone are the days when we used to bury ourselves in countless books to find the relevant information. In today’s digital era, we can access the information of the entire world at our fingertips. However, in this digital era, when presenters have so much information to share and the audience has short attention spans, the real challenge is representing large chunks of data without making the viewers feel overloaded, confused, and overwhelmed. In such a quandary, infographics can come to your rescue. Infographics combine the magical power of words with the captivating power of images to help you put across your story in a gripping manner. Infographics save the time of not only presenters, but also of the audience by giving them the crucial key takeaways without reading the text in its entirety.

In this blog post, we have provided a few useful tips to create winning, creative, and audience-driven slide presentations in the age when infographics have taken the digital and print worlds by storm. Let’s have a look!

1. Stay Ahead of the Curve by Understanding Your Audience

As the saying goes, one size doesn’t fit all. Likewise, a single infographic can’t work well if you intend to influence customers of different demographics. So, the first thing you need to do before creating an infographic is to figure out who your target audience is or which particular group you want to target. Take time to research:

their socio-economic status, interests, problems, requirements, etc.
factors that trigger their motivation
their visual preferences and what content they like to share on their social media handles

In a nutshell, to get maximum traction, keep your infographic targeted, relevant, and specific. The more you know about your target audience, the better you can craft an engaging infographic to reach their minds and hearts.

2. Simplify Complex Concepts

Complex numbers and statistics can overwhelm the audience. Infographics are of great help when it comes to representing the big picture view of a complex issue in a visually appealing way. By incorporating charts, tables, and graphs in the infographic, you can convey high-level information to the audience in an easy-to-interpret manner, enabling them to quickly draw meaning from data.

3. Leave White Space

The music is not in the notes, but the silence between them.

Claude Debussy

The same holds true when it comes to preparing infographics. Empty or white space is crucial to let the audience fully absorb your message. Besides this, white space improves comprehension and readability, adding sophistication and elegance to your overall infographic. So, to make your infographic look more aesthetically appealing and cleaner, understand the design principle of white space and apply it thoughtfully.

4. Incorporate the Right Visuals to Complement the Content

All infographics are incomplete if they are not embellished with the right and relevant visuals. The eye-pleasing and high-definition visuals not only save you time in typing too many words, but also help the audience grab the information at a glance and retain it for longer. Depending upon the learning capacity of your audience, you can use graphs, charts, tables, maps, GIFs, icons, etc. Remember, properly designed infographics with a good balance of textual and visual information can do wonders in transmitting the message and influencing the target audience’s perception.

5. Be Wise While Choosing Colors

Create strong contrast to make your text and other elements easily visible to the audience. If you are using a light background in your infographics, make sure that the text and other design elements are dark, and vice versa.

Furthermore, choose a color scheme with up to three different colors as using too many colors can backfire and make the infographic look messy. You can also go for a monochromatic scheme of a single hue.

6. Make It Viral

If you are under the impression that your work is over after designing the infographic, you are absolutely wrong. You won’t be able to achieve the desired goal until you make it popular. So, don’t let it languish in fuzziness; instead, make it explode in popularity.

  • Write SEO-optimized content.
  • Figure out all the relevant influential sources, touch base with them, and ask them to feature your infographic.
  • Make it shareable with social plugins and ask your customers/clients/users to share it on their social media handles.

The Inference

Ensuring that your infographic engages your audience starts at the very beginning, as soon as you choose or have been assigned a topic. With the right blend of content and visuals complemented with a perfect design, you can knock the socks off your audience. Create a narrative hierarchy connecting each point of your infographic to elevate trustworthiness and credibility as a presenter.

Did you find the above tips useful? Let us know your suggestions, questions, and thoughts in the comments section below. Also, if you like the blog post, do share it on your social media handles.

Ashish Arora

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