Virtual Orator – Startup Edition


Startup Edition of Virtual Orator for startups and other small multi-user institutions. Licensing is per installation per year. This edition includes all the training extras and access to updates and addons.

Evaluate what the Virtual Orator can do for your institution with a trial license. Request your enterprise trial license here.



Virtual Orator licensed for professional use in training of public speaking in startups and small entities*. The Startup Edition of Virtual Orator is the lowest tier of our multiuser licenses (compare editions here).

The Startup Edition adds the following functionalities over the Personal Edition via the additional “Trainer’s Interface”**:

  • Ability to add and trigger prepared audience vocalizations (asking questions, making comments, or even heckling)
  • Ability to voice an audience member at run-time.
  • trainers interface that can control certain behaviors and events in the virtual scenario
  • provide cuing feedback to help reinforce behaviors and raise awareness of negative behaviors
  • extra, more detailed data and analysis in feedback systems, including real-time updates for some systems.

Startup Edition licensees** also get access to publicly available add-ons, which includes extra venues.

** All-in-One versions (Quest, Pico Neo) do not currently have access to Trainer’s Interface functionality. Once implemented will be made available.

* The Startup Edition is valid only for entities with less than 25 full-time equivalent employees and less than 2.5$US in revenue per year.  If your institution is over these limits, the Corporate Edition or Enterprise Edition are available for larger entities.

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