Virtual Orator – Personal Edition


Virtual Orator licensed for the individual who wants to train their public speaking skills.

Compare with the Multi-User  Edition here.



The Personal Edition of Virtual Orator provides the audience you need for training and practicing public speaking.  It is licensed as a lifetime purchase per version for your own use.  The Personal edition includes continuing updates within version as we make Virtual Orator even better. Students of qualified educational institutions are eligible for a discount. Details and application for the discount can be found here.

Features of the Personal Edition:

  • Base set of environments
    • 6 unique venues with 12 layouts (2 classrooms, 2 corporate style meeting rooms, 1 large hotel style meeting room with 5 unique seating arrangements, 1 small theater)
    • extra configurations within environments, e.g. lectern position/hiding, lighting.
    • classrooms hold up to 40 virtual people and the large meeting meeting room can seat up to 126
  • Virtual audiences using our proprietary virtual human technologies. Audiences are adjustable in size, from empty rooms to full rooms, and behaviors. Adjust how difficult the audience is in general or go into detail to create the right situation for your needs.
  • Base set of audience members. Currently 60 unique audience members available. Planned expansion to 100 in future updates.
  • Load your slide presentation
  • Create and load note cards or load your own notes (pdf format)
  • Write on whiteboards
  • Record your experience – audio and video of the environment, webcam capture or both.
  • Get objective feedback on your performance. Are you making eye contact with the entire room? How is your slide timing?  How much are you varying your voice?  with more to come.

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