Affiliated Trainer


Are you a trainer looking to use Virtual Orator<sup>®</sup> as part of your training tools? Our Affiliated Trainer was created just for you. You get a bunch of benefits, because with Virtual Orator you are going to help lots of people.

What is an Affiliated Trainer?

Affiliated Trainers are trainers who are recognized users of Virtual Orator, but not endorsed by us. As an Affiliated Trainer you get:

  • all the benefits of using Virtual Orator as a trainer,
  • a significant discount for you,
  • discounts for your client on licensing Virtual Orator,
  • optional listing on our web page,
  • ability to list Virtual Orator in your services/marketing∗,
  • specialized access to our team,
  • access to private groups and forums with other trainers

∗ marketing shall not imply endorsement of your services.

What is Required to be an affiliated trainer?

You need to be a trainer. Both training companies and individual consultants/trainers are welcome. We evaluate the eligibility on a case by case basis, so even if you aren’t a traditional trainer feel free to apply and explain your situation.

How do I become an Affiliated Trainer

Simply fill out the form below. We’ll get back to your request/application as soon as possible.

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